Cortexeo | Enabling enterprise collaboration | The Process
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The Process


Our initial introduction with a client focuses on an in-depth discussion regarding your brand, product, goals, competitors, and vision. Who are you? What are your biggest concerns and challenges? How do you differ from your competition? These are among the many questions that we ask in order to begin crafting an effective strategy.

Let’s start building

After our first meeting, our experts get together to design a prototype that can be tested and surveyed. Every prototype goes through different phases of development, and requires the approval of our client at numerous stages.



Halfway through the project, we ask our target users to test the prototype. Their feedback gives us tremendous insight on how we can make enhancements. The recalibration phase is critical because it enables us to determine what the right balance is for your organization. This “fine-tuning” process continues until our client deems that the product is ready to be launched.

Delivery and support

Even after we’ve launched, we remain committed to making the project a success. Our standardized project planning process includes training and support considerations for all of your employees.

Cortexeo designs solutions to enable collaboration and information management in enterprise organizations.